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Ready for a new exciting breakfast that will strengthen and empower you all morning? It's worth putting a little extra effort into a good breakfast especially if you are a student or are on a job where you have to use lots of "brain power" first thing in the morning. Here's one of those easy healthy recipes. I call this breakfast "Persian Eggs!"  A family favorite, we learned this recipe from some foreign college students some 40 years ago!  See article below.

Tone the Back of Those Arms


Need to tone the underside of your arms so they are not flabby? Here's how to do it!

Use 8 to 10 lb weights depending on your comfort zone.  Bend over slightly, pull the weights straight back behind you. Hold 10 seconds then pull up in front. Rest 3 seconds, then pull back again, hold 10 seconds. You will feel a strong pull in the lower arm muscle!  Do 10 to 15 reps every day.  Then you can say bye bye to flabby arms! 

Let's Hear From You!


Let us know how you are doing! We would love hearing about it!  E-mail Kathie at info@healthyweight  with your story!

What is Your Favorite Breakfast?

What is Your Favorite Breakfast?

That first meal of the day is so important, but let's creatively change it  up once in a while with new healthy options!

I'm going  to share something I've discovered that I think is a real winner! It's definitely one of those simple healthy recipes you're going to remember.

Prepare dry oatmeal in a microwavable ceramic glass bowl. Add the appropriate amount of water for your serving. Add 1 tablespoon bran flakes  as in the type for baking.  Add ground flax seed as your prefer (a great cancer fighter). Microwave for 60-70 seconds.   Remove from oven . Add Stevia to taste, and your favorite fruit or berries. Add milk or almond milk as you prefer.  Warm, and hearty and will keep you for hours!

This is more than a nice idea...this is "big medicine" in diguise.

Let me tell you the backstory.

A few years ago my Primary doctor was impressed that all my labs and blood levels looked good, but one. My cholesterol.  Ok, I admit. I do like using REAl butter. 

My Doctor, said, "You are such a perfect young lady LOL) except for one thing. Your Cholosterol is a little high. I want to put you on statins."    What I thought. Are you insane? Of course Doctor's live in their own bubble. 

I picked up the prescription, but it sat on my counter, unused. He even called to check up on me. More than once. 

"Are you taking them?"

"No," I admitted. "I have some articles from Lancet magazine to send to you written by other doctors."

The articles brought to my attention that statins do not even work on women. Their side effects really only debiliate people, not help them. My brother is a doctor, my neice is a doctor, and I spent time my past life as a medical assistant to a cardiologist in the SF Bay Area. I have some sense.

But it was becoming a tug of war and a power struggle between me and him. 

One day when I I working around my kitchen counter I  accidently hit the bottle of statn pills. They went flying into my wet sink. "Ha ! So that's what God thinks of that idea!."


I started the oatmeal- bran breakfast for quite different reason. It great tool or keeping my system regular. In the  meantime, guess what? It made my cholesterol come into the normal zone. No drugs. Just oatmeal daily basis or at least 3 times a week.

A college student who stayed with us briefly got into a conversation with me about this breakfast as we were eating together one morning. 

"Oh, Dad brought his cholesterol completely in line having oatmeal every morning. He likes to put chopped apples and cinnamon in his!" 

Yes, sometimes I do that one too...chopped apples with cinnamon!

This is even more proof of how power packed this easy healthy recipe really is!

As much as we like our doctors, some times we also learn to survive them!

So glad I never used the statins.  If had I may have had crippled legs togday. I'll take my oatmeal, bran, flax and berries any day!  No side effects!

      * * *               

Okay, I promised you the recipe for Persian Eggs, pictured above. Here it is!

In sperate bowl, lightly beat 4 to 5 eggs. Add 1/2 cup water, beat again.  Set aside. 

In a medium sized frying pan saute` in 1 TBS butter, and 1/2 TBS olive oil, one half chopped sweet onion, and one large tomato, cut in small pieces. Optional: Also include if you like spicy, fresh chopped jalepeno, just a few little chopped circles from the main jalepeno.

Do not over cook, salt and pepper to tase. Coarse ground pepper is really nice on this dish. 

Fold in eggs. Stir over medium heat until thouroughly cooked. Serve with fresh parsely springs. Sprinkle with your favorate low cal cheese, or low cal Mozzarella. My favorite is shreaded Romano cheese.  Serve with healthy seeded bread, toasted.  MMMmmm.  Enjoy! It's one of thse easy healthy recipes you will grow to love!

Personally this does not effect my cholesterol as long as I keep up on the oatmeal breakfasts at least 3 times a week, and my fresh raw veggies and salads!

Here's a Tip to Jumpstart Your Metabolism First Thing in the Morning!

Young woman with small weights

This a simple trick I have been doing for years. It really works!

I make my own schedule for the most part. So when I arise I priorize two things: Prayer, bible reading and EXERCISE!

So right now, I am going to tell you about the exercise part.  It's simple and I think most people can do it!

I put on my favorite happy energetic music. This is either on a cd or its from  We live in the broascast area, so I can use an ordinary radio. Other peoppe play it on their computers.

I have a set of many various weights, so I grab some small ones. We are going to go about 10 minutes on this so it's up to you if you want to be in your gym shoes or flip flops. The main thing is: You are going to get it moving!

This involves power walking or jogging ...even running, inside you house or apartment. 

Decide the best route you can take to avoid tripping over toys, the cat and anything else that might be in your way. Clear a path if necessary.  Then GO! 

Jog or run at a comfortable pace for you. Enjoy the music. Feel the brightness and happiness as you go!  Go as fast as you feel right with. It helps the process! But don't strain. 

Move the small weights (perhaps 3-5 lbs) back and forth in front of you for a few repetitions, then side to side, in small comfortable motions. 

The time will go by quickly!  Go a little longer if you like. You know your limits. 

When done, have your juice or coffee and decide on a healthy breakfast!

What has happened is that you have just kickstarted your metabosm from low to high, and it will help energize you for the rest of the day.  It actually happened by the first 6-8 minutes of this routine. 

I like to also use my treadmill for 10, 15 minutes or longer, if I'm not pushed for time. 

Daily or at least every other day, I get outside in the sunshine and power walk around my neighborhood. Walking outside has special benefits as you take in Vitmain D through your skin and breathe in oxygen. Fifteen minutes outside can give your daily requirement of Vit D. 

Even if you are not a workout Queen or body builder this simple 10 minute kickstart at the beginning of the day will make a big difference in your health and the way you feel!


You've been feeing that tingling on your fingertips and a tired feeling in your lower back. It just may be Father Time and gravity working against you again!

Now you should ask your doctor in case this is a symtom attriibuted to something besides your lower back. 

But this a very common problem almost all of us suffer sooner or later. It's a time on the planet earth thing as gravity does affect all of our spines sooner or later.

Here is some sure gentle refief that has helped me personally so many times over the years from my Spring Chicken days to not so Spring Chicken days, some  30 years down the road.

Sit on the bed with your legs over the side. Get a couple of pillows to support your head as you lay back.  Once you see that your are situated so your legs will go over the side of the bed, lay all the way back. Bend your knees and lift them toward your chest using your hands to pull them all the way up toward your chest. Hold for a few seconds. Release and let your legs go down with your toes just barely touching the floor. The weight of your legs is pulling and  aligning your lower back. 

Rest for a few moments.  Pull one leg up  using your hand to bring your knee up to your chest. Hold. Release.  Then do the same with the lother leg.  Then do both legs.  Hold for 5 seconds or what you are comfortable with.  Release.  Let your legs gently pull the lower back as your toes barely touch the floor. Rest. 

Try 10 reps of these. It should feel like a gently stretching exercise. If you feel pain, stop.  Talk to your doctor as you may have a muscle spasm or some other condition that requires a different type of treatment. 

If you can do these gentle stretching exercises on the edge of your bed on a regular basis, even twice a week, you will notice increased flexibility and and that stiffness in the lower back will very likely will the tingling in the fingertips as you are decompressing the spine. a natural cause of gravity pulling us down little by little.

Your will feel better...more mobile...and you will have given Father Time a big black eye! Yes, this is a great anti-aging trick!

The Wonderful and Amazing Avocado!


You'll never guess how truly power packed these wonderful green gems are!

The humble avocado is full of lots of surprises! It's no secret that creamy delicious avocados can be the centerpiece ingredient in guacamole, salads, and sandwiches, but did you know that avocados are packed with nutritients and make a great diet food, even with their high fat content? The fat in the avocado is easy to digest, and diet friendly not usually causing weight gain unless eaten in unsually high content. 

Avocados Contain Vitamins, Minerals and More!

Avocados provide vitamin b, noted for helping fight infections, along with vitamin c, vitamin e and a number of natural chemicals that may help ward off cancer.  In addition, a daily serving of avocado will deliver nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, including lutein, folate, vitamin k, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. 

Avocados also are high in fiber, which can aid digestion and contribute to feelings of fullness. They contain even more potassium per gram than bananas, plus beta-carotene and lycopene, which are vital antioxidants.

How Can Avocados Can Actually Benefit Your Health?

Avocados can serve as a significant source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol and the risk for heart disease. In addition, avocados may contribute to even greater health benefits including:

Reducing inflammation.

Reducing the risk of certain kinds of cancer such as of the mouth, skin and prostate. 

Avacados contain high levlels of potassium, essential for health. One average sized Haas avocado contains 1,067 mg of Potassium!

Controlling blood sugar and blood pressure.

Reducing the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Preventing certain types of birth defects such as spina bifida and neural tube defects.

Aiding good digestion and regular bowel movements.

Boosting our immune system.

Keeping skin looking healthy and "glowy"

Reducing the risk of depression.

 Reducing the risk of fractures, strengthening bones.

In a summary, eating avocados may help protect you from a variety of chronic diseases. Healthy amounts of dietary fiber, such as those found in avocados, are associated with significantly reduced risk of developing stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease and some gastrointestinal illnesses.

* * * * *

Some Simple Ways to Enjoy Avocados

1. Place one large ripe avocado on a plate, cut in half. Pour over the avocado your favorite oil and vinegar Italian dressing. Eat with a spoon. Enjoy!

2. Enjoy with Chicken Salad

Cut  open one large ripe avocado on a plate. Set aside.

Chicken Salad

1 small can of cooked chicken

Mix with lite Mayo to taste

1 quarter chopped onion or minced scallions

1 quarter sliced red apple

Silvered almonds, 1 TBS

1/2 stalk celery, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix in bowl, then carefully mound on both halves of the avocados. Enjoy with your favorite hot or cold herbal tea and heathy seeded bread, toasted. 

3. Avocado with Gorgonzola Cheese

Place cut open ripe avocado on a plate. Place one heaping spoonful of Gorgonzola cheese in the hole. Pour on lightly Pear Gorgonzola Dressing. Eat with a spoon. Enjoy!

Sometimes the simple things are the best!

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